Work with an agent that understands high growth technology companies

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Applications and Programming

Mobile, Voice, AI & VR


Medical Technology

Diagnostic, Surgical, Monitoring, Treatment Technologies, R&D

Electronics Manufacturing



What Size of Company Are You?

Growth Company 

50+ Employees

10 ++ Annual Revenue

5M ++ Funds Raised

Core Team in Place and Growing


Established Entrepreneur 

10 - 50 Employees

1M ++ Annual Revenue

1-5M Funds Raised

Product Ready for Prime Time

Start Up & Growth Mode

1-10 Employees

1M or Less of Annual Revenue

Product Launch or Beta

Considering Funding 


Why Work with Me

  • One Point of Contact
    • You will talk and work directly with me to assess your needs, explain the application process and evaluate the quotes
    • I work with sense of urgency
    • My experience with helping Texas Tech companies
  • Technology
    • Applications
    • Video presentations of quotes and solutions
    • Online Payment
    • DocuSign for Signatures
  • Transparent
    • I explain all quotes.
    • I explain the cost and fees
    • Support of our entire Strive Insurance Group staff
  • Proactive Service
    • Insurance happens on an annual cycle. I provide key dates that we will work together throughout the year to ensure you are properly covered. 

I help you take care of your WHAT IF scenario so you can focus on WHAT'S NEXT.