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2nd Year Anniversary as an Insurance Agent - Thank You

Today (April 1, 2014) is my 2nd anniversary of becoming an insurance agent. It is a great feeling waking up each day knowing that being an insurance agent is the last job I will have. Honestly, each job I have had before this one I spent a considerable about of time trying to figure out how I was going to get promoted and/or what my next job/challenge would be. Neither is present when I wake up in the morning now.  I am able to focus on my family, my clients and expanding my network so that I can help people.  I am truly in the people business.

Insurance Austin Texas

I took this picture of my UPS equipment that I needed to return and emailed it to Vickie telling her "I was done and ready for my next challenge".  Vickie sent this picture back to me today with words of encouragement and reminding me of all the hard work I have put in since that day.  She is so awesome

It is exciting that March 2014 was my most successful month to date.  I was able to help several people this month with their questions about their business insurance and their personal insurance and I look forward to more growth and helping connect more people in 2014.   

I have also had a blast promoting business that have become my clients over the years.  If you follow me on Twitter then you know which business I tend to promote.  La Barbecue, Hopfields, Drifter Jack's Hostel, Moniker Guitars, UPG Video, ICS Innovative Cleaning, Austin Daily Press - just to name a few.  I get excited when I see my clients succeed.  Their success is my success.  Please consider supporting all of these businesses.

Hard Work + Generosity  = Success

I have not changed my mindset from this formula and I am trying to improve upon my generosity skills. 

In 2013 Melissa Lombard a dear friend and Realtor told me about a book by a Michael J. Maher.  In short it prescribes the age old truth - you have to give in order get and he calls it being part of the generosity generation.  People like me, mortgage brokers, realtors etc - all love to talk about referrals and would prefer to only work off of referrals, so the tendency is to spend time calling our "network" and asking for a people for an introduction or referral. Maher's point is the reverse.  Call your network and ask if there is something you can do for them, sincerely ask them and then do everything you can to help bring them back a result they need.  I have done this and I am amazed how something so simple makes me feel.  It removes stress and keeps me focused what really matters in this world: people.  I still struggle daily with keeping this focus and try not to get mired down in the day to day activities of being an insurance agent.  I am embarrassed and frustrated when I forget or ignore to take 30 minutes out of my day just to be thankful and talk to 10 people. (Which is my daily goal)

Looking Forward

For the rest of this year my focus will be on just that. Connecting to and trying to helping other people as much as I can.  Let me know if I can help you.  It could be a referral or an introduction to someone in my network or just a friendly ear to listen to your current struggles. Either way I am happy to do it.  Just call me at 512-948-8517. I will answer my phone and be happy to spend a few minutes with you.   I wish you much success in 2014! Terry.

Trying Not to Try a Path to Happiness and Authenticity

I sometimes listen to KUT 90.5 as I drift to sleep.   Generally these days the BBC is playing.  If my earbuds stay in sometimes I wake in the night and find an interesting program or story playing. That happened last night around 4am.  The show is the BBC The Forum and the topic was Spontaneity.  Sounds kinda odd I know. But I stayed up and listened to the entire show and I would highly recommend you do as well.  Here is the BBC Link. 

In Trying Not To Try, Edward Slingerland explains why we find spontaneity so elusive, and shows how early Chinese thought points the way to happier, more authentic lives. - From Amazon

What caught my attention was the authentic statement, which was mentioned in the audio story as well.  As a blogger, podcasters or just social media nut - that word is WAY over used and given out as advice.  Want more readers? Be "Authentic".  Grow your online presence, Be "Authentic".  But how do you express authenticity? How do you become more authentic? The answer from Slingerland by way of ancient Chinese teachings is to be more spontaneous.  How to you practice to be more spontaneous?  What about all the effort I have put in on developing and chasing my perfect task list so that I can strive to be the most productive person I can be each day?  Where does all of that fit in? One example provided was athletes. They practice over and over so they can be in the "zone" or "flow".  That I understand.  But how do we as business people get into a flow for our daily lives and achieve effortless action? I am hooked.  I bought his book and will be reading it.  I hope to post more about what I learn.   I mainly wanted to call your attention to this concept and see if it would be of benefit to explore.  I will keep you posted on my notes and thoughts as I move through his book.

Hill Country Ride for Aids Benefit

My friend Bryan White has a passion for helping people and cycling.  That is why the Hill Country Ride for Aids is his annual charity of choice. 

Each year he has a small event to raise funds for this worthy cause except that this year it is not so small.  It's at Hops and Grains new tap room.

Josh Hare, founder of Hops and Grain, is stepping up and donating some of this Saturday's (03.29.2014) tap room proceeds to Bryan's team.  If you have not been to the new Hops and Grain Tap Room then get yourself down there this Saturday.  Say hello to me and grab a local craft beer.

Bryan and his team will have a table setup to answer any questions you may have and he will be accepting donations for his team as well.  Hell talk to him about joining his team for next year!

If you want to donate before you go the event, consider supporting my good friend and co-host from our podcast When in Austin - the one and only Nicole Torres.  Follow that link and kick her a few bucks!

Come out and this Saturday at noon - 6pm.  I will be there. See you soon.

My SXSW 2014 BBQ Picks Podcast

 In Texas the best way to start a fight is to proclaim a certain BBQ joint the best there is but sometimes you just have to tell it like it is. Either way when you come to Austin for SXSW you need to get some real barbecue while you are here.

So here are my top picks for this SXSW 2014 -

Pick #1 - La Barbecue

6th and Waller

If you want to really know what is going on follow them on twitter @la_barbecue Ali will keep you informed. The lines are going to be long but there is a good chance you can get some. They open at 11am. Get in line at 10am. They are the best in Austin, the best in Texas and therefore the best in the world in my opinion.  That is John Lewis's brisket and handmade Hot Guts in the picture above in the soundcloud file.  

Pick #2 - Kerlins BBQ

1700 E. Cesar Chavez 78702 - Kerlin tends to update FB more than twitter. But they are on twitter as well.

This is a new kid on the block open less than 6 months but already making waves in the Austin BBQ scene. Plus I am picking Bill cause he will be in the heart of the SXSW scene. Open at 11am. For SXSW I would get there at 10am as well. Hey, what is the worse case you are first in line and you start drinking beer a little early.


Pick #3- Mann's BBQ

8624 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758
North Austin along 183
Follow them on twitter. @MannsBBQ 

This is not a food trailer and you will not have to wait and hour to get food.
Plus Kathleen Mann is one of only 2 female pit masters in the entire state of Texas and she is doing a fine job if you ask me. I will let her tell you her story.

The best part about Mann's is that it is a restaurant and away from the crowds. You will have to get in line with the usual lunch time crowd but you will not have to contend with a bunch of SXSW peeps - generally. They have a full selection of smoked meats and a wide variety of side dishes. My recommendation is to make sure you get some of the homemade cornbread to go with your pulled pork. Pro Tip: Get there early if you want ribs. They go the fastest. 

I hope you get to enjoy some fine Texas BBQ while you enjoy our city.
If you do tweet me your pics. @wheninaustin 

Meet My Client: Austin Daily Press and The Bearded Lady


Austin Daily Press
1900 E MLK BLVD - On the corner of MLK & Chicon
M-Sat 11am-10pm
Sunday Brunch 10am-2pm

I enjoy welcoming new clients to my fold and when they are food related I have to admit I love it even more.  Austin Daily Press is a gem.  The menu has a mix of sammies and other munchies.  They are freshly prepared, taste great and are reasonable priced. Wait, that is not high praise enough. The flavor combinations are amazing. From a traditional capprese to a full on WHO DAT muffaletta interpretation you cannot go wrong. They are making it all fresh right there onsite. 

If you are looking for some good quality food before you head out for a long day of SXSW partying stop and fill up.  It is a little out of the high traffic areas for SXSW but close enough to get too. It only has out door seating so if it is wet outside consider calling in and getting it to go.

If you are on the bus the 22/21 routes will get you there and the 18 that runs up and down MLK.

Pro Tip: Ge some of the house made pickles. Worth every penny and then some.

Here is a link to their Google Local Page where you read reviews etc. 

The Bearded Lady - Food Trailer
 1500 E 6th Street - Volstead/Hotel Vegas

From their Facebook site:

The Bearded Lady trailer features a fusion of American classics and contemporary global flavors. The menu is rooted in a carnival comfort food aesthetics.

This trailer will be in the HEART of SXSW activities. Follow them on Facebook here for updates and open hours. 

Insurance IS What I Do

I was able to help them out with their general liability insurance and I am pleased to have them as a client. By combining both locations onto one policy I was able to save them money.  If you are a food trailer in east Austin or have a food service business in Austin give me a call at 512-948-8517. Let me buy you lunch at Austin Daily Press and we can discuss your insurance needs.

Terry Grier


SXSW Preview Podcast 2014 Tips and Tricks, RSVP and Free Stuff

So after taking a 6 month break the When in Austin crew got back together to record our SXSW 2014 Preview Show. We were joined by Kristin Sheppard of and Chris Sheppard of and discussed a variety of SXSW topics.  Generally we turned on the mics and had a good time. 

If you are gearing up for SXSW and are tired of just reading about the upcoming events etc - listen to our podcast and get yourself fired up. 

Here is the breakdown.

SXSW 2014 When in Austin preview Podcast

When in Austin Crew.  Nicole Torres, Erick Kennedy, Vickie Grier and me

Segment #1
Kristin reviews her post "Where you want to be for SXSW" and gives her picks for this year.

Segment #2
Chris talks what local beers to drink and what do order when you are doubt. 
Read more in his post. What to Drink at SXSW
We also review WHERE to drink. Read more in his post here.

Segments #3
Kristin reviews her "How to get through the SXSW week"
And the When in Austin crew talk about SXSWi Interactive.
What does "Free" really mean.
Does RSVP really get you in the door?
Where are the best parts of town to party in?
And our own Vickie Grier talks how to get around on Public Transportation.

The When in Austin Crew.
Nicole Torres - @ntorres44
Vickie Grier - @vickiegrier
EKG - Eric Kennedy @Erickennedyatx
Terry Grier - @wheninaustin

Musical Interludes:
Anybody by The Solider Thread Austin, Texas…NNEvg&index=7
Patricia's current project is The Wind + The Wave -

Dressing Room by The Away Days - Turkey
Buy their music here:

Daning Shoes by Calliope Musicals - Austin, Texas
Buy their music here:

Thank you for listening
Terry Grier


Noble Pig - Salad Style

I enjoy taking my clients to lunch and thanking them for their business and if I get to introduce them to a cool new place even better. Today's lunch was at The Noble Pig on 620. The Noble Pig is not exactly a "hidden gem" or anything.  They have been on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and get plenty of kudos around the social web in Austin.  But I wanted to take a moment and call attention to an option that is NOT on the menu.  They call it "Salad Style". 

Original Location on 620 Jan 2014

Original Location on 620 Jan 2014

Salad Style - Keto Diet Friendly

They are a sandwich shop and a damn fine one. But that means bread. And their bread is tough to pass up since they make it in-house. But one thing for you low carbers out there, you can order any sandwich and ask for it "Salad Style". My personal fav is the smoked duck pastrami. Take a look at my lunch today. 


They give you a ton of lettuce and the pickled relish is awesome.  I generally get a cup of soup ($2) to round out the meal.  They make their own stocks for the soup and they are worth the 2$. 

Next time you are in the Anderson Mill/620 part of Austin you have to hit this place up.  Even better let me quote your home, auto or business insurance and I will take you there for lunch as a thank you for being my client. - Terry