Everyday I help technology companies in Texas.


  • New Client Contracts - E&O (Errors & Omission) / Cyber
  • Leasing a new space - General Liability / Property
  • Funding Agreements - Directors & Officers
  • First Employee - Workers Comp

I am Easy to Contact

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  • Email me terry@striveinsurance.com
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My Process

I work with a sense of urgency and focus on your need, so you can continue your focus on your business knowing your insurance needs will be met.

What Type of Business are you?

Technology Company

1M + Annual Revenue
Software. Hardware, AI, VR, Mobile Dev, API etc.


1M or Less Annual Revenue with a goal for 1B
YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE | This can be broader than just tech

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My Promise

  • I work for you
  • I will not waste your time.
  • When we work together you will have my full attention
  • I am easy to communicate with