Hard Work + Generosity = Success

Late 2013 I was introduced to a book by Michael J. Maher that prescribes the age old truth - You have to give in order to receive.  I have worked hard to embrace this philosophy.  What I have learned is that by leading with a giving hand to others and showing sincere appreciation when I receive a referral I am a happier person and that happiness flows to all areas of my life.

Let's Meet Up. I love to Help People Find Referrals. 

If you would like to meet in person and discuss how I can help you or if you would like to just expand your personal network give me a call. 512 948 8517.  I have experienced several online friendships that turned into real world friendships. 


My Other Interests

Blogging and Podcasting and Social Media

I enjoy reading blogs (here is my top 10 Austin blogs)  and I like to blog some myself.  I also still record some interviews with different people in and around Austin - I edit them and now make Audio Postcards.  You can hear my work on soundcloud

Social Media

I am very active on twitter @wheninaustin and @tgrier - I am on facebook and have been enjoying Google Plus more and more.  Here is my personal Google Plus.  Here is my business google plus

My Instagram - I post my of my pics here.

Links to others places I am mentioned or have posted.

Movability Austin highlighted me as a "local celebrity" and I shared what I do on my bus commutes.   

The Beerists is an award winning podcast. Really. Like National Award - they beat out an NPR show. I got to guest host on their podcast. Listen to it

When I was producing a weekly podcast about life in Austin - We got noticed by The Guardian - with a nice little write up.  The Guardian Post About When in Austin.

Here is my Linkedin profile.