Time Is The Enemy

Used with permission. Photo by Casey Moore.

Used with permission. Photo by Casey Moore.


This is a saying that my father has told me for at least 20 years. I used to think it meant that I should seize the day and not procrastinate. As I have gotten older and I see my father getting older I view each day I get to spend with him as a precious moment and I have come to understand it in a different manner. Your time on this earth is limited. Make each day count for something. It is less about the volume of activity but the quality of the activity.

I sat down over this extended break and really reviewed what is on my task and project lists and tried keep my fathers saying as my filter for every action I considered. While I have a long list of different things I am going to strive to do differently or just more effectively in 2104 they can be brought under 2 main headings.

Meet, Connect and Help More People.

I am an Insurance agent. I love my job/career. My success is directly connected to my activity.  2014 I will be moving into my third year as an insurance agent in Austin. One of my goals last year was to make 20 sales calls a day. It is not on my list for 2014.

Mid year I met with Tony Psaromatis a loan officer here in Austin.  He was referred to me by my good friend Melissa Lombard.  My meeting with Tony went totally different that I had expected. Honestly, I was an insurance agent looking for a referral source and I was hoping to make a positive impression. Much like my goal of making 20 calls a day I approached my meeting with Tony with “What is in it for me” with the afterthought of I might be able to provide him something in return. He approached the meeting with a completely different mindset: What could he do for me.  What was my biggest challenge that he could help me solve.  He was sincere and engaging.

I asked about his approach and he started explaining some basics to his approach and attributed them to a book by Michael Maher “The Seven Levels of Communication”.  As a person who has been in sales my whole adult life I always cringe a little when I hear about some new book that is going to change my life and increase my earnings 10 fold. I left the meeting not sold on the idea of reading the book but it was Tony and his attitude that made me read it and I am glad he did. My first action?  Stop making 20 cold calls asking people to give me something. Instead I started making 10 calls to friends and clients asking if I could help them in some way. I made a personal goal of finding 10 people that accepted referrals and worked hard to refer someone to them. I was successful with some and struggled with others and improved along the way. I am happy to report that 70% of my 2013 annual income came after I changed this mindset.

Therefore my formula of success for 2014 will be:

Hard Work + Generosity = Success

Read about how I changed my morning routine after meeting Tony and reading 7L.

Put more quality content on the internet

I love the current content revolution. Everyone can find a medium for putting their thoughts on the internet. Social Media, Blogging, Youtube, Podcasts etc. I enjoy adding my voice to the internet. I enjoy the challenge of producing content and I love the interaction.  I learned a good deal while producing our When in Austin Podcast in 2013.  But I lost my way when I forgot what the point of doing the podcast was.  I thought it was about building a larger and larger audience but that proved empty. My content production in 2014 will be viewed through the single lens of:

Moving an Online relationship into a Face to Face Relationship

I could list 20 people that I now know that first started as a twitter exchange. And now I am starting that same process with Google Plus.

In 2014 I plan to broaden my content creation including, trying my hand at Youtube, podcasts in a different format, utilizing Google Live Hangouts all with that one goal in mind.  To meet YOU in person and find out if I can help you.

If you want to discuss any of the above call me and lets meet.  512-948-8517