Success Story: Event Insurance


Hosting or being a vendor at an event generally requires proof of liability insurance to be provided to the location or venue.

For some small businesses who might not have had the need for business insurance can find themselves in a crunch for time. Sometimes a business has even committed resources ($) to the event but the issue of general liability insurance  must be resolved or the business will not be able to attend or host the event.

Recently, I was able to help two local Austin businesses with this exact scenario.   After receiving the insurance requirements from the host location I was able to review the requirements in detail and then approach a variety of insurance carries to find the best overall value.  In the best possible case I have turned these types of requests around as quickly as 48 hours. 

Between the quick turn around and the use of DocuSign to electronically sign the required documents the most painful part for my new client was writing the check :). 

Both Clients were grateful and said so and I have received a referral due to my work.

If you know a small business that might need general liability insurance either for a upcoming business event or just for their business, do me a favor, pick up the phone right now and call me at 512-948-8517 - really I will answer the call. 

Update:  If you are planning an event and need equipment (Tables, Chairs, Tents and almost anything else you need for a great event or party) contact Darin at United Rent All here in Austin. He is a great guy and a business insurance client of mine.  He has been in business in Austin a long time and knows how to treat his customers right.  Give him a call at 512-452-9206.