My Best Insurance Advice for a Startup

#1 Make Sure Your Business Is Insurable.

I hope this new business has control measures in place to keep the cats away from the birds.

I hope this new business has control measures in place to keep the cats away from the birds.

Do this. Consult with an independent commercial insurance agent.

Why? When the time comes you need to know that you can get insurance and at a decent price.

If you are a technology or consulting company and are pushing the current norms then I think it is worth the effort to confirm you can get insurance.

A day will come when you will sign a lease, land a big contract or realize that not having a risk management plan in place is not a good thing.

#2 Do Not Let Your Clients Insurance Requirements Dictate the Coverage You Purchase.

Do not do this: You land a new client. The client emails the contract. You review it. You notice a section that has insurance requirements. You call your agent and forward the requirements and ask for a quote.

My point is the insurance requirements of your future client was written with their best interest in mind not yours.

Talk to an insurance professional and tell them your business story and what you do. Allow them to help you with a risk analysis.

#3 Do Not Be a Jerk

I role play in the video above to give a clearer understanding of what I mean.

There is a right approach and a wrong approach.

The wrong approach: I am a new business and do not have any money for insurance but I need it. I need it for this contract I just got. And I need it in 4 days. Email me your best price and I will let you know.

This phone call generally leads to a 2nd phone call 2 days later. "I called 12 agents and no one is calling me back. I really need some help."

The right approach: This is my first time purchasing business insurance. I could really use some help in understanding what these insurance requirements mean and how the process works. I am going to contact 2-3 agents because I want to do my due diligence. I want to consider the overall value of coverage and what you have to offer. What are the next steps?

I hope you found this helpful.

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Terry Grier is a commercial insurance agent in the Austin area. He has a passion for helping entrepreneurs. 

When I talk with small businesses in Texas I get it. I understand. They are focused on TOP LINE REVENUE and PROFIT.  Insurance is a expense and sometimes a significant expense. 
But one thing I have learned in my years in insurance, it exists for a reason. I am here to help...