Who I help

  • Technology Companies
  • Professional Service Companies (Attorneys, Accounting/CPA, Digital Marketing Companies, Architects)
  • Consultants - Marketing, HR, Strategy, Coaches. 
  • Entrepreneurs - You know who you are... 

What I do

  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability (Errors & Omission)
  • Cyber Liability
  • Data Breach
  • Workers Comp
  • Property Coverage

It all started when...

I was 27. I was promoted to branch manager of a staffing company and my boss explained to me that my compensation would be tied to the monthly profit and loss statement of the branch.  - What? - Light bulb above my head.

You mean I make decisions based on making money.

Fast Forward 20 years and now I am a small business insurance agent

When I talk with small businesses in Texas I get it. I understand.

They are focused on TOP LINE REVENUE and PROFIT.  Insurance is a expense and sometimes a significant expense. 

But one thing I have learned in my years in insurance, it exists for a reason.  

Business Insurance is there to provide you financial security and protection if something unforeseen happens. 

Most businesses do not recover after a major loss.  Do not be one of those business.  

And I am here to help you protect the investment you are building.